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The Benefits of Nearshore Software Development for US Businesses

India is a potential outsource destination for the United States businesses. When a business issues a request that they want to hire a software developer, then the rest is dependent on the credibility of the outsourcing company that is providing services to such businesses. Offshore outsourcing can be an ideal and cost-effective solution for clients looking out on smaller projects, as well as for businesses having a minimal budget for paying their employees.

alternatives to nearshore software development outsourcing

If you have a specific country or area in mind, confirm this with your provider upfront. The second stage of the onboarding involves onboarding the developers to your team. Our account managers and TALs work closely with you to tailor the process based offshore outsourcing software development company on your needs and preferences. It’s more flexible than fixed-price agreements and can be easily adjusted to your needs as they evolve. This also makes it better suited to long-term and complex projects with multiple variables affecting costs.

Are you trying to figure out how to choose your nearshore software outsourcing company?

It will help you know more about your potential choice, as the clients who previously worked with the provider can characterize them the best. Moreover, you should speak with the vendor about employment practices, customer information delivery, and internal process management methods. Since you’ve hired a nearshore software programmer or small group of such specialists, you have to contact a contractor from time to time.

alternatives to nearshore software development outsourcing

Nearshore custom software development is a smart move for organizations located in regions where hiring skilled engineers is challenging. In recent years, the use of the nearshoring model has become a perfect approach for organizations searching for rapid growth and efficient scaling. To date, the Telematics Wireless has deployed hundreds of thousands of Light control devices that light up the streets of many cities. Our company proceeds with ongoing support and maintenance of both the IoT management software and the commissioning tool. It was a project with complex processes that required a lot of communication. Due to the fact that we have a one-time zone with Israel, there was constant real-time communication and it was easy to organize ad-hoc meetings.

Your Reliable Vendor for Nearshore Software Development Services

Geographic closeness is a primary benefit in software development since travel times and expenditures are less costly comparing nearshore vs offshore outsourcing. In-person meetings are easier and less expensive when your outsourced staff is close to your office since nearshore sites allow quick access to check the workflow. Nearshore outsourcing results in substantial cost savings for businesses. Nearshore countries often have lower hourly rates for software development compared to onshore, resulting in cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. Consider a US-based business that wishes to improve performance and speed up operations. Due to this, you may recruit nearshore software development team in Estonia and other Central and Northern European nations.

In any case, you will have to provide your remote team with all the necessary details. Every company has its reasons for hiring a nearshore team to develop a project. For example, a company in India may become an offshore developer for a client in the United States, or Latin America may be an offshore destination for a company in London. Increase productivity, cut expenses, eliminate faults, provide more assistance, and produce outcomes faster that benefits our clients in a long-term and highly efficient partnership. Nearshore development is used by 37% of small enterprises to manage at least one of their business processes.

alternatives to nearshore software development outsourcing

Generally, offshore software development tends to be cheaper in terms of crude hourly rates . Nearshore software outsourcing can be more expensive but is more flexible and allows for closer collaboration throughout the day, as all developers are in similar or the same time zones. Nearshore software outsourcing provides the opportunity for companies to hire developers that work in similar time zones and share many of their working hours. In case you decide on outsourcing, you’ll need to know more about the different types of outsourcing of software projects. From highly-skilled developers to expert graphic designers and full QA teams, Yourshore provides efficient and affordable talent that matches your exact product development needs. Like offshoring in general, this option has many benefits, including high quality work and low cost.

Typically, the time difference between you and your outsourcing service provider should be in the range of 1-3 hours. Consequently, you get better responsiveness and improved communication, ultimately leading to project success. Cleveroad is an experienced outsourcing software development company headquartered in Central Europe, Estonia. Our competence comprises delivering top-quality software solutions to startups and all-scale businesses using cutting-edge technologies for 10+ years. Back in the days when Skype was taking shape, founders used a nearshore software development model for the backend and website. As a result, the Estonian developers created features we love the most, like video conferences, messages, and file transferring.

Modern Software Development Best Practices

This means it’s still viable for the client company to send someone akin to a coordinator or even a project manager to supervise the development process for better communication. One of the main purposes of offshore development is to cut costs while hiring experienced specialists. If you follow the right steps and choose carefully, cooperation with an offshore team can result in building a top-notch product at an affordable price. Offshore software development involves outsourcing to distant countries to streamline the hiring and budgeting process. When choosing an appropriate partner, companies usually give preference to countries with a huge talent pool and low hourly rates. Nearshore software development is a comprehensive method to help businesses with development work.

In addition to this, it also helps in cost reduction and resource optimization. With this outsourcing model, clients can take their pick from a really worldwide choice of value programming experts. There are two outsourcing patterns that are distributed according to the needs of the business. They are Nearshore software development and offshore software development. Now Sigma Software has taken over the support and maintenance of the solutions.

How Long Does It Take to Hire a Nearshore Development Team?

Offshoring refers to the practice of hiring software developers in a country or region that is different from your own. Nearshoring is a subset of offshoring that refers to hiring software developers in a country or region in a similar time zone as your own . Both options offer huge advantages in terms of a broader talent pool and lower labor costs, but nearshoring tends to offer easier communication due to the lack of time zone differences. A shared time zone helps the outsourcing organization connect and contact the nearshore software development teams during the same daylight hours. As both teams can connect and brainstorm in real time and no unwarranted delay occurs, which is not the case in the offshore model.

  • Nearshore providers deeply understand US markets, eliminating the need for an additional layer of communication and translation.
  • Moreover, you should speak with the vendor about employment practices, customer information delivery, and internal process management methods.
  • However, this extra cost often comes along with streamlined and proven delivery processes that save you much effort in management and communication.
  • In contrast, nearshore indicates that the company you hired is in another country with close geographical proximity.
  • Nearshoring providers would normally offer to start with a smaller team and have a gradual ramp-up further down the road.
  • Sometimes also referred to as local outsourcing, onshoring is a type of outsourcing in which the client and the vendor are located in the same country or region.

It is in your best interest to find a vendor who offers quality testing services because they will prove vital for the final delivery. Outsourcing your development project to other companies, whether domestically or abroad, allows you to focus on more important matters than onboarding people and taking care of their needs. More so, you can focus on creating that value product you’ve envisioned and not disperse your attention to other non-essential matters. With all the different types of outsourcing in software engineering, you can find the best talents outside your city, country, or even continent.


While the cost advantage of offshoring may be its biggest draw, offshoring is actually a great strategic move too since you are keeping control of the team completely in-house. This is dramatically different than an outsourcing model where you have limited insight or control over the team. Outsourcing is typically best when you need to build an MVP or prototype of a product, or when you need to maintain a legacy platform that you expect to sunset over time. It is rarely used to drive sustainable innovation at a company because the turnover is high, the quality tends to be lower and you have limited control over the team.

If decisions need to be made quickly and with minimal delay in communication, offshoring often leads to less synchronization due to time zone differences. Offshoring can be an ideal solution for startups as it allows access to tech talent in countries with lower hourly rates than those of the U.S. or Western Europe. This success was quickly followed by other offshore locations in Eastern Europe and Asia, enabling tech companies to easily build quality technology skills at competitive rates. At this point, be ready to discuss your ideal set of specialists in the future team. A good nearshore company will help you assess the level of skill required. If developers get tasks that are either above or below their skill level, their motivation may decrease, resulting in team instability.

Nearshore outsourcing allows for better communication and collaboration with the software development team as they’re close. Nearshore call centers, unlike offshore centers, are close enough that face-to-face meetings and visits are easier to schedule. This closer proximity allows for avoiding precious time wasted on long-distance calls and time differences. Nearshore outsourcing allows for smoother collaboration, as the software development team will be closer and have a similar time zone.

In any other case, nearshore software development companies will be the right choice. As we have already mentioned, the success of an outsourcing project largely depends not only on the model selected but also on the choice of provider. Below are some factors that can help you choose the right nearshore software development provider.

Effective communication

Additionally, outsourcing helps companies utilize their resources for other business-critical and priority tasks. For clients, having the dev team in a different time zone can make the communication process more challenging. Differing cultural backgrounds or traditions can bring even more misunderstandings, leading to wasted time or money. However, if we talk about the services by the local contractors then, they charge higher prices because they are aware of the mechanism and not interested in offering discounts on higher rendering. All new developers then receive training on data protection and security, as well as industry and client-specific training as needed. From there, clients can seek out specific skill sets that focus on the companies ability to seat developers with backgrounds in financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, and more.

They earn $1.38 billion in income and can attend 31 colleges nationwide. We recently sat down to interview Rodney Wiltshire, Former Troy council president and small business owner. You don’t have to spend weeks looking for qualified talents among all CVs. Go through case studies, success stories, or whitepapers that prove the experience with similar technologies/domains. In a nutshell, a comparison between different outsourcing options would look as follows.

But what does nearshoring actually mean, and what advantages can it bring? We show you why valantic is the ideal partner for nearshore development. A recent study indicated that more than one-third of small businesses (37%) currently outsource a business process, and more than half (52%) plan to outsource in 2019. From our own experience, we believe large corporates outsource at an even higher rate. When it comes to software development outsourcing, there are three major alternatives. These include offshore outsourcing, onshore outsourcing, and nearshore outsourcing.

In this case, the dedicated team of developers will be cheaper than the other two options without making any compromises in the performance or the quality of their work. However, if you choose a vendor who can do a great job while changing less than your local developers, you would get a great end-product at a reasonable price. A good price to quality ratio is the key, but quality should always be your top priority. On-site deployment is yet another benefit of working with onshore developers; they can work remotely or move to your location if that’s what you agree upon. On-site deployment makes it easier for you to monitor the performance of the team and creates that special feeling of unity between you and your vendor.

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