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How to Choose Travel and Expense Management Software Relaunching Business Travel Together

Employees don’t need to collect receipts throughout the month or fill out endless spreadsheets. The finance team admins can see what receipts and invoices are still missing, and the portal sends automatic reminders to users to reduce receipt chasing. Our customer AIOPSGROUP reports that they have saved approx’ 2h daily and up to 1-2 days in terms of resolution time since using Payhawk.

Look for automated expense reporting software that offers intelligent and intuitive mobile apps. They can automate the capturing process and dramatically speed up the review, submission, and approval process. Growing organizations must consider moving from traditional business methods to automated expense management processes as soon as possible.

How To Choose Expense Management Software

Money Manager Ex is a personal finance manager used for managing expenses which is free to download and use. This open source and cross-platform software can keep track of the expenses and financial transactions. It includes versatile features that users would require in expense management software.

SAP Concur

This image of traditional expense management is one that all businesses know well. Emburse Certify is an expense management software that offers both the option to book travel from its in-platform booking tool or by integrating with another travel management system. TravelPerk helps businesses save on travel and seamlessly manage expenses with no hassle. SAP Concur offers similar solutions, just without the intuitive interface and expert support team. Your travel policy outlines the rules relating to travel spending, and ensures your employees stay within your travel budget.

This way you don’t have to worry about your team sharing one card or spending spiralling out of control. Automatic claim settlement means that the finance team will not have to go through countless old receipts. It saves countless hours from not having to approve each expense report manually. Instant reimbursement for expenses, another essential benefit, will lead to happier employees.

Analytics can give insights into future spending and can even give recommendations when expense management policies need to be adjusted. In the long run, this could save your company time, money, and excess stress. Your expense management software comes with a defined set of challenges it can overcome.

Travel and expense management software types

This is really a listening exercise that will help you focus your mind on all the points we’ve mentioned in this blogpost. Your employees are a rich source of real-life information about processes in your company, and how they work. From the employee’s perspective, these systems should provide a convenient way to record spending, organize receipts, create expense reports, and collect reimbursement. Some systems also let employees book trips and manage their travel itineraries.

How To Choose Expense Management Software

Meaning–it needs to be able to send and notify the right people for any requests with pending action such as approval or completion. If you don’t use the travel data you have to plan future travels more effectively, then what’s the point? You should know the average sum of money an employee spends on food and transportation in different locations. Your system needs to promptly generate relevant reports, easily compare datasets, and have a user-friendly dashboard to help travel agents access information at a glance.

This improves their satisfaction and can increase your productivity, profitability, and retention rates. With manual expense tracking, you often have to wait until the end of the month to analyze your spend and adjust your strategy. Expense reporting software lets you track employee spend in real-time and make strategic decisions before it’s too late. Once you have created a list of all problems you need to solve and have set a budget, it’s time to start researching the best expense management software providers.

How To Choose The Best Expense Software (+Free Checklist)

Below given is the chart which would help you in comparing these solutions at a glance and taking the wise decision regarding selecting the expense management software suiting to your business. Here, we have listed the top 8 free and open source expense management software which you can consider to streamline the expense management process, which can have a big impact on your business. When seeking the best expense management software, managers need to keep their eye on the ball.

Everyone wastes valuable time tracking down the status of expense reports. And when, finally, expense claims are rejected, employees don’t even have visibility into what went wrong. All this confusion reduces productivity and employee satisfaction. Efficient, effective expense reporting software keeps businesses on top of expenditures without all the tedious paperwork. Ideal expense reporting solutions will make it easy to log travel and business expenses.

Best Business Expense Tracker Apps Of 2022 – Forbes Advisor – Forbes

Best Business Expense Tracker Apps Of 2022 – Forbes Advisor.

Posted: Sat, 05 Nov 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

We helps you to stay on track for audit compliance with our 3-way matching reconciliation feature. Every transaction is accompanied with necessary information and instantly synced with your accounting system for an auditing and compliance check. You can facilitate all your AP processes and export it all for audit season. Not every employee possesses the same technical prowess so being considerate here would be beneficial in the long run.


Also, self-employed and individual corporate users can leverage Expensify with 25 receipt scans a month for free. All spending from such cards can also automatically be reported to the central repository. Try out ITILITE expense management software yourself to see the difference. There are a variety of service providers in the market with distinct features and services. The expense management process involves several stages, and each one can introduce new opportunities for errors or delays.

Besides, expense management software can ensure that every employee expense is in alignment with corporate travel policy. A cloud-based business expense tracking software with Invoicera is an automated business expense tracker app that records all your online and offline transactions. It increases visibility and allows you to analyse data with comparison and visibility from different timelines.

  • TravelPerk’s platform is easy to implement and use, whereas SAP Concur users often report the tool being ‘clunky and not easy to use’.
  • With an excellent expense management program folded into a comprehensive HR software, Factorial keeps expense tracking simple.
  • It comes with a comparative table and we deep dive into each software, its features, pros, and cons to help you make the right choice for your company.
  • Here, we have listed the top 8 free and open source expense management software which you can consider to streamline the expense management process, which can have a big impact on your business.
  • For example, while one organization might value software integrations, another may prioritize the ability to run reports on expense data.

We offers an all-in-one spend management solution with OCR technology to capture and categorize receipts for faster expense approval workflows. Paperwork becomes a relic of the past as receipt management becomes cloud-based. HomeBank is an absolutely free expense management software designed for managing personal expenses, finance, and budget. It is easy to use software and How To Choose The Best Expense Management Software includes powerful filtering tools helping you to analyze your personal finance intricately. You can view your data in the form of beautiful charts and get a glimpse of your transactions and reimbursements quickly. In short, the right expense management solutions will make your expense reporting process easier, keep your records centralized, and drive expenditures down.

Mail Processing Automation

You can assess each provider in the following areas to make sure you select the right software. You must also set a reasonable budget for the business expense management software. Check which software falls within your range and take into account its ROI for the company.

How To Choose Expense Management Software

If your employees use a personal credit card, you will need a photo-capturing feature on the mobile app so that can input receipts. If company credit cards are used, then features that integrate credit cards would be essential. You also may need to implement more security features in case the card is missing or if certain expenses need to be audited. Dashboards are a key element of almost all expense management software. They help finance teams identify areas where they can gain efficiencies, tighten spending controls for cost savings and strengthen the bottom line.

Advanced expense Management Software at affordable prices

At Payhawk, we help companies manage not only reimbursable employee expenses like per diems and mileage but also supplier invoices and subscriptions. An online expense management software gives employers the freedom to customize their policies and approval workflows as desired. With a well-defined automated approval workflow, expense reports are approved and processed like clockwork. Expensify is an expense management software with a few features catering to business travelers. For instance, there’s a virtual assistant that notifies you of flight cancellations and helps remember your trip details.

Benefits and features of expense management software

Whether it’s day-to-day operations or business-related travel, many employees incur expenses on behalf of their company. This leaves their HR and finance teams to track receipts, issue reimbursements, and otherwise manage spend. A company can lose money due to exaggerated claims, duplicate bills, mischaracterized expenses, or falsified claims. Unfortunately, it becomes far too easy to commit expense report fraud in a manual expense management setup, whether it’s intentional or simply an accident. These errors can potentially amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted, hurting your financial bottom line in the long run.

Your corporate travel is inefficient and confusing

Build spend policies with our advanced workflows and manage all card controls such as recurring limits, ATM withdrawals, and the approval chain for requests. Plus, use expense management software to take care of your debit and credit cards in bulk. Ask about prepaid corporate credit card options in the best expense management tools. Your employees can access prepaid spending cards that may be integrated into your system. This helps prevent fraud or misuse of corporate funds and removes bottlenecks.

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